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Lakettes and Lakers Gymnastics Academy, is a family friendly environment.  The coaches and staff display a professional and positive attitude.  Owned and operated with a Christian background and belief of displaying love and respect to all.  All music used at the facility is appropriate for children, with clean lyrics and a fun upbeat sound.

They believe in encouraging, praising, challenging, and motivating students to be their very best.  They set a high standard of excellence both in technique and character.  Using hard work, persistence, focus, and caring, as some of the building blocks to succeed both in sports and life.  

They believe that as their students learn how to apply themselves in the gym and tap into their full potential, they will accomplish more then they ever thought possible.  
They believe in teaching students to set high goals and to expect great things from themselves.  This will carry through into whatever arena they advance too.    Shooting for the moon and landing somewhere among the stars!


Lakettes and Lakers Gymnastics Academy, has been in business for over 30 years.  They started as a program running out of the Pennbriar Athletic Club, then moving to the east side, and ending in their current location off of Peach st. on Andrus rd. in Summit township.  Regionally and nationally recognized for their excellent athletes.  Lakettes and Lakers is the home of over 10 national competitors, with two level 9 national champions, countless men's and women's state and regional champions and hundreds of medal winning student athletes.



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