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Developmental Gymnastic Team Program

These team classes are designed to prepare students for the sport of competitive gymnastics.  These classes focus on teaching strength, flexibility, and strong basic skills.  These classes require a higher standard of excellence when teaching the technique of each skill to adequately prepare the students for the competitive atmosphere.  Students who show both the ability and the work ethic are recommended to train in this fast pace team track program.  

To be skill evaluated and possibly recommended for any of these developmental team classes, call Lakettes to schedule a skill evaluation for your child. 

XCel Bronze Pre- Team

Ages 5+ 

Coach Recommendation ONLY

Requirements for Sign-Up:

10 sec. Handstand Against Wall - Floor


10 Sec. Bridge Hold w/Straight Arms - Floor

Straight Cartwheel - Floor

Backward Roll - Floor

10 sec. Chin Hang & Pullover - Bars

Confident on High Beam

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