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Tuition & Payment

• All  students pay a $50 registration fee when signing up for classes in the School Year.  ($25 after Jan 1st).   No registration fee is required for our 8 week summer program or camps.  NO DISCOUNTS APPLY TO REGISTRATION FEES.


• There is a 10% tuition discount for all multiple family members in classes. There is a 25% tuition discount on day classes taken 9am-3pm M-F. (excluding team) (Since the day classes are already discounted, the family discount does not apply.)


• The cost for a 55 min. class- taken once a week- for 4 weeks is $70

Payments are figured on (36 classes & 4 special events) to make up our school year (Sept. – June) 

A student coming to one class a week will have 36 regular classes, a Christmas Party, Olympics, Gym Show Rehearsal & Gym Show.


• This year, in addition to your regular class:

Pre-School students have the opportunity to attend FREE Open Kinder Gyms. Check schedule. 

Recreational Students have the opportunity to attend FREE Open Gyms. Check Schedule.  


• In March a costume fee of $60 for the Gym Show will be due. (This costume will be yours to keep.)


• All Team members will pay a $50 membership fee each September.



This Year you have 3 Payment Options

#1 You may pay for the School Year in full (Sept-June) when you begin classes in the Fall.

(You may pay with check or credit / debit card.)


#2 You may pay for the Year in 2 payments:

The 1st 1/2 due on your first class.

The 2nd 1/2 due by Feb. 1st.

(You may also pay with check or credit / debit card.)


#3 You may pay monthly Sept- June (10 monthly payments)

(We require a credit card # from you for this payment plan.)

Equal payments will be automatically taken out of your Credit / Debit account on the 1st of each month
(Sept. – June) and includes 36 classes + 4 special events. 

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