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Heather McCall

Erie, Pa.

“I have had my daughter training gymnastics at Lakettes & Lakers for 3 years now.  She started in tiny tumblers at age 3 and is now a level2/3 competitive gymnasts.  She competed she first session with the team last year and gained so much confidence and poise.  She loves her team and her coaches.  Lakettes and Lakers is a great place to train. And it is amazing to see what these kids can do!"


Beth Merritt

City, State

"I am a visitor to the Erie area, but like to bring my 3 toddlers to Kinder Gym each time we come to the area to visit.  It's only $5 bucks and the kids have so much fun just enjoying the open play environment. Staff in friendly too."

Madison Williams

Erie, Pa.

"I am a student at Lakettes, and take the Adult Teen class.  I like it because I get a good workout each week.  I just got my backhandspring this past year in class and am so excited about it!" :-)

Valerie Kavelish

Erie, Pa.

"I was a level 4 gymnast years ago  at Lakettes. what I remember about it was how hard the team coaches pushd me to be my best.  I thasnk them for it now.  They where able to get me to do things I never thought I could.  And I can still do splits, and flips.  Cool!"

Stacey Cook

Erie, Pa.

"I brought my son to an Adult/Tot class for the first time this past year and can't even believe how much he liked it!  Throughout the week I will hear him singing some of the warm up songs and trying to roll and show off his skills.  His favorite day of the week is now gymnastics day.  He is constantly asking if it is gymnastics day today. Great program!"

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