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Recreational Gymnastics

These classes teach an accumulative knowledge and skill in the sport of  gymnastics.   Each class builds upon the next so that students can receive a challenging experience.  Once students master the skills required for each class curriculum they will be advised to advance onto the next level.  All apparatus are taught within this curriculum.  Events include: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Tumbling, and Trampoline.  Rings and parallel bars may also be included for boy students who choose these sets of classes over the ALL Boy classes. All boy classes will include parallel bars, rings, and pommel horse as well as tumbling & trampoline.



(7-11 yrs. old)



(7-12 yrs. old & recommended)


Adv. Intermediate

(7-12 yrs. old & recommended)



(7-18 yrs. old & recommended w/ back handspring)

Beginner/ Intermediate Adult Teen

(12 & Up)


Silks for Beginners / Intermediates

Silks for Advanced

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